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    A form of oxygen(O3) usually obtained by the discharge of electricity in air.
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    An electric switch activated by air pressure. This device detects air pressure exerted on it through a flexible tube connecting it to part of a water tub. When activated, this switch then opens an electrical circuit stopping further filling of the machine. May also be called a WATER PRESSURE SWITCH, WATER LEVEL CONTROL.
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  • PUMP
    A machine or device for moving or compressing fluids or gases.
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    R12 (dichlorodifluoromethane) is typically used in household refrigerators, freezers and older car air conditioners.
    R22 (monochlorodifluoromethane) is used in window air conditioners.
    R134a (tetrafluoroethane) is now used in many domestic refrigerators, freezers, dehumidifiers and car air conditioners.

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    A substance used in a refrigeration system to absorb heat in the evaporator coil, by means of a change of state from liquid to a gas, and to release its heat in the condenser as the substance returns from the gaseous state back into a liquid. Also see Freon.
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    An appliance designed to transfer heat from the interior of the cabinet to the exterior.
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    An electro-mechanical switch that diverts the current when the flow is changed or when an external current is applied.
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    This refers to the refrigeration cooling system. The refrigeration system consists of the evaporator (cooling) coil, condenser coil, compressor, connecting tubing and the refrigerant itself. On domestic models this system is hermetically sealed (welded shut) to avoid leakage and tampering.
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    A silver-alloy solder containing 5-15% silver. It is used to weld copper to copper joints in refrigeration systems and able to withstand high pressures.
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    A silver-alloy solder with 35% or higher silver content. Used to withstand high refrigerant pressures in joints made between copper and steel tubing.
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  • SOLENOID - An electro-mechanical device that produces a magnetic field, to move an internal metallic plunger, when power is supplied. When power to the electromagnet is discontinued, the plunger is free again to move by other forces. This plunger can be attached to other devices (levers, seals, etc.) to do mechanical work. This arrangement is commonly used in water fill valves, dishwasher drain valves, range door lock mechanisms and dryer gas valves.
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